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First things first...

So what are my intentions? My intentions are selfish and possibly egotistical. I want to talk, talk about my experience. I want to talk about me! Who doesn't want to let their narcissistic self run wild?

I'm extrovert in life. I had to be, otherwise no one would listen to me. Nothing spectacular about my existence. Just another nuff nuff trying make sure no one forgot me. I'm not a comfortable extrovert, it's became my persona; fake it 'til you make it attitude until you nor I could remember a different me. Despite putting a lot of myself out there, no one person can tell you everything about me. Sure I have a handful of people who know 80% of the real me, who have opened my X-File and have been disappointed to find that I am not an extra-terrestrial but missed the part about my unconfirmed alien abduction.

Some might say they know me, but in reality they know a snippet of me. Some have memory of me which I live up to, some just get it wrong altogether. If someone paid attention to what I said, they would realise 70% is superficial. Substance related to self is limited. My inner self has a question: does anyone care if I actually talked about myself? Hence why I love topics such as dating, politics, news, travel... they deflect self talk. They let me have an opinion and through these topics, it's showtime! Don't get me wrong I love these topics but I adapt to my audience and will give only a snippet inside my thought. My siblings would disagree with how restricted I am, but they are a different category. I will give you the version which has been filtered, produced and possibly desensitized, heavily dosed with sarcasm, with laughs, not the version hot off the press.

The greatest gift you can give another person universally is the opportunity to listen. So if you are still reading, thank-you. Remember this moment of gratitude, you may never experience it again from me. So getting back to the topic, my intentions. My intention is to share me, take the opportunity to do what many of us don't do in the real world. And hopefully inspire you to share your hot off the press stories.

Why the name Anti Guru Ma? I'm not anti any Guru, spiritual leader, teacher or anyone who is leading you to salvation on earth. I take inspiration from Tony Robbins "I am not your Guru". I am not here to prescribe you any remedies to inner peace or whatever you seek. I am a ball of rage who can switch on the Mother Theresa version of herself within minutes. Rest assured I have been medically approved to be of sound mind and an unsound body. This is my disclaimer I may write things which are absurd, have no substance and by no means exemplary. The closest I get to any Guru is Ma Sheela and for those of you who have heard the infamous line "tough titties", we know where she ended up. Read for your pure entertainment, if that is what it is called. Take what you want, ditch the rest. You do, you.

After all of this if you still want to continue reading my soapbox, come join me as I write about my experiences which have led me back to my love of chai; Requiem of a Chaiwali. A taste I momentarily lost and never realised it until it came back. Whether you're English Breakfast, Matcha, Teh Tarik or even a coffee drink, I don't discriminate, tune in and read the rants of this blogger. Give my inner narcissist the opportunity to let loose inside this padded walls.

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